The following are several tools that members can use to promote ECI. The first three are designed with eBay in mind. First is a message that a member can copy and paste at the bottom portion of his auction's description. Just press and hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor over all the entire area highlighted in light blue to select the text from the beginning of the message to the end. Once the complete area is selected, right click on the selected area and click on "copy" when it appears in the drop down menu. The text has now been saved to the clipboard. When you have written all you want about the auction at hand begin a new paragraph and place the cursor at the beginning. Click on the right mouse button again and then on "paste." If all has gone well with copying the message, it will be added to the description here.

The second message is one that ought to be included when sending the winner of your auction his payment instructions. Follow the directions as written above and add to your notice where appropriate.

Third is an addition to your "Me" page on eBay whether you are a buyer, seller or both. The more the collecting public sees our name in lights the more they will come to understand our importance to them as collectors of encased coins. If we believe in what we are about is worthwhile and has true value, then we need to do all that we can to spread the "ECI Gospel."  There is no better place than  eBay's "Me" page for starters. If you would like assistance in building a "Me" page from scratch click HERE. Otherwise, do as instructed above and pasted the message into the page where wanted. By the way you can add an additional to ECI under the heading of "May Favorite Links."


If you enjoy collecting encased coins ("Lucky Pennys"), now you can unite with others who feel the same. Membership in Encased Collectors International is dues free and you can register 24/7 when visiting our website. The registration button is on the very first page at: . We are over 485 members strong and growing. There is nothing to lose and all to gain. Help us build our hobby with your participation and support. If you would like to have your own encased coins minted, ECI is the place. Members receive a substantial discount off manufacturer's normal pricing.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend a hardy invitation for you to visit the Encased Collectors International's website at: . Membership in ECI is dues-free and is easily accomplished by clicking on the "Register" button located on the very first page. If you enjoy collecting encased coins ("Lucky Pennys") as much as we, don't wait - join today. There's nothing to lose and all to gain. I hope to see your name added to our roster very soon. And thank you once again for your interest in my auction.


Membership in Encased Collectors International is DUES FREE and open to all who collect and trade in encased ("Lucky Pennys") and bi-metal coins and tokens. We have over 540 members, with many of the "who’s who" in the hobby among us. Our Website is packed full with tons of information and photos; with new material being added weekly. We hope you will click  and register for your FREE membership. Our only goal at ECI is that of building a strong organization to represent all of us who love the hobby of collecting encased coins.

Join The Club -- Something New And Fun!!
A great club has been formed by many people that collect encased coins, or some call them lucky pennies. The name of the club is ECI (Encased Collectors International) dues are FREE. You can find out more about ECI by E-mailing me at or by checking it out at our website, located at At this time we are trying to assemble listings of all known encased in the United States. This is a very ambitious project and we can use all the help we can get. So join the club and help us assemble the listing.


(These tools will open in a separate window that can be printed on one page. For best results copy and paste the document onto a blank page of your word processing program. By doing so you will not have your printer's default notations printed on the page.)

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